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My weekend of 31 July -2 August 2009

The weekend started off with the monthly dinner meeting on Friday night with the Metropolitan Lions Club, this is my first directors' meeting with Lions Club. It was a great evening and one of the directors demonstrated an ancient Chinese exercise that… more »
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Vegetarian food

Recently, we discovered a very good small restaurant that serves vegetarian food. The chef is very creative in using different ingredients and the dishes are very delicious. We really want to eat more vegetable rather than meat, but usually, vegetarian… more »
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Learning French and Japanese

I have been spending quite some time now to learn French (3 months in France) and Japanese (6 weeks in Japan). I want to keep practicing the two languages and to learn more new words. However, with a busy city life, I find it very difficult to keep up a… more »
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International English Contest

I was invited by Xian Jiao Tong University to attend the kick off meeting of China's first International English Contest (IEC). The meeting was held in Beijing and organizers from different cities and provinces were present, there were also representati… more »
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