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Who am I?
Business Advisor, Independent business consultant, Corporate trainer, Angel investor,
Entrepreneur, University lecturer, World traveller

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Brief introduction

Dominic Chan

My principles in life can be summarized as follow

  • Value health
  • Experience life
  • Pursue knowledge
  • Help and inspire others
  • Protect the Environment

豈能盡如人意, 但求無愧於心 One cannot please everyone, only wish to have no disgrace at heart

Background in brief
I am a Hong Kong Chinese, born and raised in Hong Kong, Cantonese is my mother tongue and thanks to Kiangsu-Chekiang Primary School and Kindergarten, I speak fluent mandarin since the age of 3. I have 2 elder sisters, so I am the kid-brother in the family. My wife is Irene, we got married in July 2004 :-)

I left Hong Kong when I was 14, I studied and worked in Jersey and Cambridge, UK for 12 years. Upon finishing my PhD at Cambridge, I returned to Hong Kong in Jan 1997 and witnessed the important historic event of Hong Kong returning to our motherland. Since my return to Hong Kong, I have been actively organizing many events with friends.

My Hobbies
I love travelling, good food, hiking, movies, reading, hanging out with buddies and making new friends.

Education in brief
I studied in Hong Kong at Kiangsu-Chekiang Primary School & Kindergarten and TWGHs Lee Ching Dea Memorial college, followed by 4-year studies at a UK boarding school called Victoria College, (Jersey, Channel Islands, Great Britain). I was awarded the Queen's Gold Medal for mathematics presented by Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II in 1989.

I lived in Cambridge, England from October 1988 to January 1997 and studied at Trinity College, Cambridge University to read Electrical and Information Science. I obtained a BA (Hon.) degree in 1991 and MA in 1994. I did my research with the Signal Processing and Communications Lab., Department of Engineering, Cambridge University, under the supervision of Professor. Rayner, the funding was kindly provided by the Croucher Foundation. I obtained my PhD in 1997.

My Career
My strength lies in networking and business building, my main focuses are business consulting and technology advisory.


  • Cambridge University, Trinity College, UK
  • Victoria College, Jersey, UK
  • Lee Ching Dea Memorial College, Hong Kong
  • Kiangsu & Chekiang School, Hong Kong
  • Ecole Le Château, Antibes; Accord - Ecole de Langues, Paris; Lyon Bleu Int?l, Lyon, France
  • The Yamasa Institute, Okazaki, Japan


  • Consulting: Decisive Consulting; McKinsey & Co; a-connect; Booz & Co
  • Investment: Dark Horse Investment
  • E-learning: Meephone; Englishtown (EF)
  • Technology: Connet; SpikeCyberWorks; PiTech; oCen Communications; Cedar Audio


  • Member, Metropolitan Lions Club
  • Executive Committee, French Alumni Association Hong Kong
  • Founder, Leglessbird.com lifestyle community site
  • Executive Committee, The Friends of Cambridge University in Hong Kong
  • Executive Committee, The Friends of British Council in Hong Kong
  • Founder and Director, Cambridge Movies Workshop
  • President, Cambridge University Chinese Society
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Quick bullet point list about me

  • Married to Irene
  • Went to boarding school in Jersey, Channel Islands between 14 and 18
  • Went backpacking for 1 month in Europe by train with a friend, both were 17 years old at that time
  • Visited all 7 continents
  • Received a Gold Medal for Mathematics from The Queen Elizabeth II of England
  • Stayed in France for 3 months to learn French
  • Stayed in Japan for 6 weeks to learn Japanese
  • Stayed in Korea for 6 month to work
  • Appreciate glacier in Alaska, Switzerland and Greenland
  • Appreciate lava field in Iceland and Japan

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在瑞士, 阿拉斯加和格陵蘭欣賞冰川

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